Monday, November 29, 2010

NSF Funds Phenotype Ontology Coordination Network

The National Science Foundation recently awarded just over $500,000 to the University of South Dakota (USD) for the creation of the Phenotype Ontology Research Coordination Network. According to the grant proposal, the PI at USD is Dr. Paula Mabee and coPIs include Dr. Andrew Dean (North Carolina State University), Dr. Eva Huala (Stanford University), Suzanna Lewis (Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory), and Dr. Anne Maglia (Missouri University of Science and Technology).

The goal of the grant is to ...establish a network of scientists who are developing phenotype ontologies and to use this network to enable and enhance the research of all of those involved.

The specific aims are:
  1. Develop anatomical reference ontologies for three key taxonomic clades;
  2. Align and synchronize anatomical ontologies using homology and various types of similarity relations;
  3. Define, test and document anatomy ontology development best practices and standards;
  4. Reach out to ancillary phenotype groups to share with them common concepts and practices;
  5. Educate the community about the methods for developing ontologies and their importance and utility in research.
The principals of the grant are soliciting participation in the network. To join, you can sign up here.

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