Friday, March 5, 2010

First OBO Foundry Ontologies Announced

The OBO Foundry Coordinating Editors today announced the first set of ontologies to be included in the OBO Foundry. They are:
  • CHEBI: Chemical Entities of Biological Interest
  • GO: Gene Ontology
  • PATO: Phenotypic Quality Ontology
  • PRO: Protein Ontology
  • XAO: Xenopus Anatomy Ontology
  • ZFA: Zebrafish Anatomy Ontology
Candidates that came close to membership but require more extensive revision first include the Cell Ontology (CL) and the Foundational Model of Anatomy (FMA). In particular, the FMA requires an open source license.

The Editors recommend that these ontologies ...serve as preferred targets for community convergence.

We agree.